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IPAEM: Institute of Analytical Existential Psychotherapy Marche

Post-graduate School of specialization in analytical existential psychotherapy


Organs and Professors



Prof. Alfred PRITZ

Psychotherapist, President of the WCP (World Council for Psychotherapy), Secretary General of the EAP (European Association for Psychotherapy), Founding Member, Rector and Professor of the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna. Professor at the ÖAGG (Austrian Institute of Group Therapy and Dynamics), at the  ÖGwG Training Institute, at the University of Graz, at the Medical University of Lemberg (Ukraine) and at the WAP (Vienna Institute of Psychoanalysis) Viennese. Member of the Advisory Council of Psychologists (until 1992) and of the Advisory Committee for Psychotherapy for the Austrian Ministry of Health


Prof. Mauro Giovanni Carta

Associate Professor of Psychiatry, since January 2005

President of the Class of degree courses Health and Rehabilitation Degree courses of health  Rehabilitation (Techniques of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Speech  Therapy and Physiotherapy) of the University of Cagliari since 2011; from 2008 to 2011 president of the course of studies in Techniques of Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

Director of the International Master course "Mental Health in Primary Care" (University of Cagliari in collaboration with University El Salvador of Buenos Aires, Argentina; Balamand University of Beiurut, Lebanon, Reald University, Vlora, Albania, University of Tunis El Manar, Tunisia; University Hassan II, Casablanca, Morocco).


Dr. Antonio Salvatore Rizzo

Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Sophianalist, Existential Anthropologist. Professor of the Department of History, at UNICAL. Counselor Trainer


Prof. Rodolfo de Bernart

Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist. Founder and Director of the Institute of Family Therapy of Florence, currently Vice President and Past President E.A.P. (European Association of Psychotherapy). Past president of the Italian Society of Family Therapy and ordinary member since 1983. Charter member (founding member) of AFTA (American Family Therapy Association, then Academy) since 1979. Member of  SIPPR (Italian Society of Psychology and Relational Psychotherapy) since 1985, member of the Executive Committee and Scientific Commission since 1990. Founding member of the EFTN (European Family Therapy Network), ordinary member of EFTA (European Family Therapy Association) since the foundation ( 1990). And 'member of EFTA-TIC Board (Training Institutes Chamber). Member of the Executive Council of A.I.M.S. (International Association of Systemic Mediators), since 1985. Former president of FIAP Italian branch of the EAP. He has written more than 300 publications.


Dr. Italia Gabriella Sorgi

Psychotherapist since 1979, international trainer of Existential Analytical Psychotherapy, training analyst, sociologist, existential anthropologist, sophianalist. She researches in the fields of human sciences and theoretical-clinical fields. She founded (respectively in 1981 and 2003) the I.P.A.E.A. and I.A.S.S.C.  Institutes,  for the development of psychotherapy as art and Counseling. She created the method of  the Analytical Theatre Dance as original declination of psychotherapeutic theater as well as the  Anthropoartistic Theatre Dance as a bridge between science, culture and reality. In order to conjugate psychotherapy with life, she devoted herself, since 1991, to the study of new methods to relieve the wounds caused by the divisions, the absolute truth and the differences. These researches have earned her the first cooperation: Italy-Russia, Italy-Asia, Italian-Kazakhstan in the field of psychotherapy and counseling sciences, with the launch, in 2001, of a scientific and cultural partnership with the League of Professional Psychotherapists of Russia ( PPL). She was awarded the 7th Certificate of P.P.L.. She was awarded in 2009 the World Certificate for Psychotherapy (WCPC), by the World Council for Psychotherapy, a non-governmental organization of the United Nations. She created and curated the 5 International Congresses City of Ascoli Piceno (1986, 1999, 2004, 2006, 2011).


Prof. Alessandro Meluzzi

Psychologists, Doctor since 1980 (cum laude), specialized in Psychiatry. Researcher at the laboratory of Henry Laborit at the Hopital Boucicaut of the Institute  Pasteur of Paris (1980-1985) Bachelor in Philosophy at the Pontifical University of St. Anselm in Rome in 2002. (Magna cum laude). Former member of the Secretariat of the General  Directorate of the High Institute of Health. Former Director of Mental Health Services USL TO 10 Mirafiori Sud (1989-1994). Former Manager of the National Health Service (Piedmont Region). Medical Director of Psychiatric Community in Piedmont region, accredited by the NHS. President and founder of the social cooperative A-B Agape. Professor of the Genetic of Human Behavior (School of Specialization in Clinical Psychology - University of Siena). Professor of Psychiatry at the Catholic University of Sacro Cuore. Professor of Psychiatry and Communication at the university for technical psychiatric rehabilitation, Faculty of Medicine University of Cagliari. Member of the scientific committee and professor of IPUE (Institute of Humanistic Existential Psychology) accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research.



Dr. Massimo Calanca

Individual and group psychologist and psychotherapist. Sophianalist, Sophiartist and trainer existential anthropologist. Art Counselor. Expert on theories and techniques of communication. Expert on cinema and audiovisual language. Director of CinemAvvenire. Professor of Anthropology of Communication and Psychopedagogy of cinema of and audiovisual in the National Plan for the didactic of cinematographic and audiovisual language of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. Professor of psychology and pedagogy of cinema and television in training courses for teachers. Director and Professor of the Art Counseling School CinemAvvenire for the training of experts of the artistic and audiovisual languages ​​for the helping relationship, the intervention in social distress, support for vulnerable groups and personal growth.

Dr. Alessandra Fabriziani

Psychologist, Psychotherapist. Master in "Psychology of Addiction" and advanced course in "Addictive behavior and related pathologies at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome. Former professor in the training course "nicotine addiction therapists”.

Dr. Giuliana Montesanto

MSc in classics and philosophy. Individual and group psychologist and psychotherapist. Sophianalist and Existential Anthropologist. Art Counselor. Educational psychologist expert in didactic of cinema and audiovisual language. Art director of CinemAvvenire. Since 1992 head of education and training of CinemAvvenire and coordinator of the Jury (Venice Film Festival - Ministry of Education). CinemAvvenire is an event part of the International Film Festival of Venice in collaboration with the Biennale and the Ministry of Education.

Dr. Simone Angelini

Psychologist, Psychotherapist. Professional experience in therapeutic communities for drug addicts; he collaborates with I.P.A.E.A. (As a  individual and group psychologist, psychotherapist). Anthropoartist  Counselor

Prof. Moreno Marcucci

Doctor-psychotherapist, psychiatrist. Medical and psychiatry manager in the Department of Mental Health ASL n. 4 of Senigallia. Relational Systemic Psychotherapist. Training with Dr. A. Canevaro member of American Psychiatry Association for five years. Professor of Dynamic Psychology and psychology of drug addiction at faculty of psychology of University of Urbino. Professor of Dynamic Psychology, University of Chieti. Family Mediator - member and teacher within the Systemic Mediators International Association (AIMS). Supervisor in Therapeutic Communities for Drug Addicts and Dual Diagnosis. Director of the Centre  Nostos LTD for Studies and Research of psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy of Senigallia. Technical consultant at the Court of Ancona, founder with prof. Giuseppe Lavenia of the websites; author of several works and publications.

Dr. Italia Gabriella Sorgi

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Prof. Marco Longo

Doctor specialized in Medical Psychology (Clinics and Psychotherapy). Psychoanalyst SPI and IPA, group analyst IIPG, COIRAG (Conference of Italian Organizations Group Research and Analysis) and IAGP (Internet Assoc. Of Group Psychotherapy). Founder and director of the Scientific Information Web Portal (registered in 1996). Founder and Chairman of SIPTech, Italian Company of Psychotechnologies and Clinic of the New Media. He manages numerous forums, mailing lists, Blogs, web sites dedicated to research and publication of use, abuse and dependence on digital tools and new media (Social Networks and Virtual Worlds). Secretary of SISST (Italian Association for the Study of traumatic Stress), expert of Psychic Emergency. Professor of School of Psychotherapy Short Psychoanalysis. Professor of Psychotherapy at the School of Specialization in Psychiatry and Psychiatric Rehabilitation at the University of Palermo. Lecturer at University La Sapienza - Faculty of Psychology (Rome). Secretary of the psychoanalytic center of Rome; member of the SIP (Italian Society of Psychiatry).

Dr. Mario Talvacchia

Psychologist, working in an attempt to build a bridge between the Western and Eastern psychology. Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, trained at the Italian School of Hypnosis and  Ericksonian Psychotherapy. For over ten years he attended Annual courses and intensive meditation under the guidance of Prof. Leonardo Vittorio Arena, practicing a particular form of meditation which makes use of Sufi, Taoists and Buddhists ideas, in the frame of Transpersonal Psychology. He attended for a few years Gurdjieff groups. He’s been working for more than ten years in the field of drug addiction, within the structures of the Coop. AMA-Kite (AP).

Professor Victor Makarov

Doctor with specialization in neuropsychiatry, professor in medical sciences. Since 1994 he teaches as a lecturer and since 1997 he is director of the Department of Psychotherapy, Clinical Psychology and Sexology of the Russian Academy of Medicine, for post-graduate training. He has laid the foundation for an innovative psychotherapeutic approach to Russia with its "Multi-modal Psychotherapy Russian", which is currently the only Russian national method recognized by the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP).

In 2007 he received the World Certificate for Psychotherapy, in 1998 the European Certificate for Psychotherapy and in 2002 the European Counseling Certificate. Awarded the degree as Sophianalist (training from 2001 to 2009 in Italy and in Russia). Since 1998, he is President of the Professional Psychotherapists League of Russia - PPL. In 1999, 2001 and 2003 he was Vice President of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP), and in 2000 President of the same organization. Since 2002 he is Vice President of the World Council for Psychotherapy. From 2003 to 2006, he was Vice President of the Asian Federation of Psychotherapy. Since 2006, he is President of the same organization. Author of more than 400 works, including 14 monographs. Chief editor of the scientific journal "World Psychotherapy" and editor of the "International Journal for Psychotherapy”.

Prof. Omar Gelo

Psychologist, PhD in Research and Psychotherapy, University of Ulm (Germany), Metaphor and emotional-cognitive regulation in psychotherapy: A single-case analysis ". Researcher in Dynamic Psychology (M-PSI / 07)/Department of History, Society and Human Studies, University of Salento. Member of the Register of Auditors for the Evaluation of Ministerial Programs and Research Products (VQR). Since 2008, he collaborates with the Sigmund Freud University of Vienna (Austria). Coordinator of the International Program of the Graduate School in psychotherapeutic Sciences.

Prof. Alessandro Meluzzi

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Dr. Galina Makarova

Psychologist, Psychotherapist, counselor Member of P.P.L. (Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League), since 1997. Pro-Rector of the '"Institute of improvement of professional skills" of PPL. In 2000 she was awarded the European Certificate for Psychotherapy and the World Certificate for Psychotherapy and the European Certificate for Counseling in 2002. She was awarded in 2009 the Sophianalist degree (training from 2001 to 2009 in Italy and in Russia). Author and co-author of over 30 scientific works, including the bestseller "The Female Geek: The Science of Victory" (Moscow, ACT, 2005).

Dr. Andrey Ermoshin

Doctor, psychotherapist, international  trainer and PPL supervisor (Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League), member of the Central Committee of PPL, creator of the "Psychocatalysis" method. He received the ECP (European Certificate of Psychotherapy). He received in 2009 the Sophianalist degree (education from 2001 to 2009 in Italy and in Russia). Author of numerous publications in scientific journals. Director of the scientific-practical center "Soul's Health" in Moscow. Inventor of methods of preventing damage of sight caused by the work at short distances (6 patents).

Dr. Luigi Di Vitantonio

Psychologist, Psychotherapist of Gestalt and sophianalytical approaches; psycho-oncologist, expert of communications and involving relational behavior, sexuality, education and family, emergency psychology, treatment and prevention of addictions, learning disorders. He works at ASUR Marche wide Area 3 of Macerata. Since 2006 he cooperates with the Province of Ascoli Piceno “Service of active Labour Policies”. Founder of the association Sipem SoSMarche.

Lawyer Gianluca Alessandrini

Lawyer at the Court of Ascoli Piceno; Civil and Commercial Mediator. Degree in Law at the University of Macerata. Diploma in Musical Theory at the Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro; Diploma of  Anthropoartistic Counselor c/o IPAEA Institute of Ascoli Piceno. Member of the staff of anthropoartists of the Institute IPAEA of Ascoli Piceno. Art director of the CIAC of Ascoli Piceno.

Dr. Antonio Salvatore Rizzo

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Prof. Rodolfo De Bernart

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