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IPAEM: Institute of Analytical Existential Psychotherapy Marche

Post-graduate School of specialization in analytical existential psychotherapy


As a result of the experience gained over the years, since 1981, and nourished with theoretical and practical research in the specific field of dis-ease (negative existence), the training aims to support the student in the long journey of development and evolution of her/hos cognitive and experiential heritage.  To accomplish this, the IPAE Marche uses a harmonic synthesis between clinical investigation and depth examination. Such a synthesis, named Analytical Theatre Dance, is born out of the finding that not always there’s the therapeutic success if, besides the psychological and physical suffering, pain is addressed and turn into forms, into artistic experiences that involve the Body, the Mind and the Heart. "A mind without the heart" creates sterility, while "giving a heart to the mind" can create a Person-Subject capable to feel, as an artist does in the making of a work of art.

Our task is to make ourselves at the service of the other; It is that to "give birth" to emotions. That’s the reason why consider the psychotherapist as a "flight instructor."

To this end, many of the techniques, discovered so far, are used starting from the body for the recovery of emotions and using the setting on the traditional classical basis as the individual analysis and the group psychotherapy (Freudian, Jungian, existential, systemic, bioenergetics, Gestalt theories, in addition to the existential analytic approach) and psychoanalysis. The eclectic training of the psychotherapist is based on the professional practice of competence and humanity.

The school is aimed at the development of the training in psychotherapy for psychologists and doctors. On the theoretical, technical and methodological, operational levels, it allows the specific professional psychotherapeutic intervention (individual, couple or group) for the concept of services and interventions for mental and physical well-being in the private and/or public dimension.

The offered training springs from a long commitment that supports the integrative synthesis and not eclectic among different paradigms of psychotherapy, the same way the patient's developmental integration is sought.

To the traditional settings (individual and group) conducted according to the classical psychoanalytic technique, modulated by the tension of the existential analytical approach, analytical theater dance laboratories are added to promote the development of the original and creative potential and capacities of the person, thanks to a choral method of work that makes use of the languages ​​of art and especially theater, body expressiveness of dance (flamenco and tango), of the cinematographic and theatrical art, of music, creative writing, myths, poetry, of playing.

The perspective psychotherapist will use wisely and creatively, professionalism and expertise to transform the psychic illness in hopes of life, to bring people to think of realizing themselves, beyond the pathology.

In the IPAE Marche universe psychotherapy as art is the artistic-creative mode to make available to those willing to practice this profession a compass to adjust the route, every time that, along the way, there’s the desire to achieve that goal of experimenting with alchemy, the re-discovery of the lost beauty of living: First-Beauty, Second-Beauty -, Third-Beauty....

The sick man is the one who does not know that his "dis-ease" lies in not being able to his way to immortality

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IPAEA - Institute of Analytical Existential Psychotherapy of Ascoli Piceno, the first School of Psychotherapy (Analytical Existential approach) of Le Marches region, established in Ascoli Piceno in 1981


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